Universal Health & Medical Products Catalog

An Industry First: The Universal Health & Medical Products Catalog

Through novel application of advanced AI and machine learning, iRemedy’s Chief Technology Officer, a renowned global technology disruptor, has independently pioneered what we believe to be groundbreaking technology that could rival the profound impact that both Google PageRank and Amazon’s application programming interface (“API”)-based marketplace have had on the way people use the Internet to search and purchase products and services.   

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iRemedy’s first application of what has been christened the “Datafi Process” stems from our exclusive licensing of this patent pending technology to produce what we believe is the world’s first and only Universal Health and Medical Product Catalog (“UHMPC”).

Once fully deployed, iRemedy’s proprietary UHMPC will essentially provide complete and accurate descriptive product information and comparative pricing on virtually every health and medical product marketed by any manufacturer, supplier and/or distributor on the Internet.

The UHMPC is only available through iRemedy’s Hyper Marketplace found at www.medinex.wpenginepowered.com. The UHMPC platform leverages AI and machine learning capabilities to maintain product pricing and availability data, to process orders from clients and suppliers, and to track and report all supply chain details.

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