Iremedy Hyper Marketplace

Transforming How Professional Healthcare Providers and Consumers Source and Purchase Medical Supplies

Commercially launched in 2018, is a hyper marketplace in use today by thousands of care providers and consumers to source and purchase healthcare and medical supplies in an open, fair, easy-to-use, highly convenient and fully transparent ecommerce environment.  

Fully transparent ecommerce environment

Ecommerce has been the focal point of technology discussions in the overall business world for many years – though it has been viewed by most as strictly just another sales avenue. 

What many have failed to understand is that the ubiquitous influence of technology today has caused ecommerce to morph into digital commerce – which refers to much more than a transaction. 

Rather, at its core, it has become a fundamental way of doing business. 

Access to high quality products

Home to our Universal Health & Medical Products Catalog, iRemedy’s B2B and B2C Hyper Marketplace delivers our customers with unprecedented access to high quality products sourced directly from leading manufacturers, suppliers and distributors across the globe, and include: 

Disposable medical supplies
Medical devices
Durable medical equipment
Surgical equipment
Health monitoring devices
Wound care products
Dental equipment and supplies
Retail healthcare products
Medical and surgical apparel
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